Key Facts

Duration: Two years
Start: October (or February)
Degree: Diplomingenieurin / Diplomingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.), equivalent to MSc
Volume: 120 ECTS credits

Our teaching experience displays that engineering students perform best if they are first taught the fundamentals and then given the freedom to choose advanced and supplementary courses rather freely based on their personal interests and preferences. This teaching philosophy of our ICE master program is implemented as follows:

You decide on one of the three majors. If you take Networks and Communications or Autonous Systems and Robotics, you must attend three predefined compulsory courses for the fundamentals (3 lectures × 4 credits per lecture) and can choose advanced courses from a catalogue in your major (30 credits). These major courses will give you a comprehensive overview in your field of study. To widen your horizon, supplementary courses may be chosen from the entire ICE program (18 credits) and from other computer engineering and science courses (12 credits). Nontechnical skills can be acquired with soft skill courses (12 credits) and free electives (12 credits). All course work should be finished within three semesters. The fourth semester serves to write the master thesis, which is done at one of the ICE research groups at U Klagenfurt or in collaboration with a company.

In summary, the two technical majors are partitioned into the following modules:

Block Credits
Compulsory courses (in the chosen major) 12
Advanced courses (in the chosen major) 30
Supplementary courses (in ICE) 18
Technical complement courses 12
Soft skill courses 12
Free electives 12
Master thesis (in the chosen major) 30

The major Business Engineering follows the same teaching philosophy but is structured in a slightly different manner:

Block Credits
Compulsory courses in management and economics 8
Advanced courses in management and economics 20
Basic courses in management and economics,
or complementary courses in management and law
Compulsory and advanced courses in networks and communications,
or in autonomous systems and robotics
Soft skills 6
Free electives 12
Master thesis (in the chosen major) 30

Detailed information about the structure of the master program should be obtained from the curriculum. The official version is the one in German language. An informal translation to English is also available.