Boost your career with an ICE master degree.

Our two-year master program in information and communications engineering (ICE) provides you with a high-quality university education in the related fundamental methods and techniques and enables you to acquire in-depth knowledge in a special field of your choice. The following three study branches (majors) are offered:

Our lectures in these domains emphasize the fundamental concepts, techniques, and methods. Accompanying laboratory courses, group work, and seminar discussions provide space for training and deepening the learned material. The technical content can be supplemented by non-technical subjects to broaden your knowledge and to strengthen soft skills.

As an ICE graduate, you will be well-equipped to

  • identify and understand novel problems in your field of expertise;
  • improve concepts, techniques, and methods;
  • recognize and participate in technological paradigm shifts;
  • lead development teams and manage complex projects.

You will become qualified for a wide range of professional activities, in particular, for research and development, technology consulting, project management, or for starting your own enterprise. The ICE master graduation also entitles you to enroll into related doctoral programs in Austria and other countries.

Quadcopter flying on campus

Quadcopter flying on campus