Template for special university entrance qualification for ICE master at U Klagenfurt.

Confirmation of Entitlement for a Graduate Study
“Master of Science in ___________________ " (*1)


This is to certify that Mr./Ms. _____________________, born on  ___________ in ____________________ has successfully completed his/her ______________________________ study with specialisation in _____________ at ______________________ . There, he/she has been awarded the academic degree _______________________.  The degree certificate (or respectively the provisional certificate) has the following registration number: ___________________________________.

Based on this academic qualification he/she is entitled to study the Master of Science Program in ________________________________________ (*1) at our university named ___________________________ without any further entrance examination, admission examination, supplementary examination, or other restrictions.



<Names and position of the signer in the Academic institution issuing this confirmation>


*1: The program should be "Information and Communications Engineering" or "Electrical Engineering" or "Electrical and Computer Engineering" or related subject.